John Deere 3038E/3038 Tractor Specs Overview

John Deere 3038E/3038 Tractor Engine

Engine Model – Yanmar 3TNV84T
Engine Power, Rated, hp (kW) – 37.1 (27.3)
Engine Speed, rpm – 2500
Power Boost, hp (kW) – No boost
Fuel Tank, gal (L) – 6.4 (24.2)
Cylinders – 3
Displacement, cu in (L) – 91.5 (1.496)
Engine Bore, in (mm) – 3.31 (84)
Engine Stroke, in (mm) – 3.54 (90)
Block Design, Replaceable Liners – Cast in Block
Aspiration, Turbocharged or Naturally Aspirated – Turbocharged
Fuel System Description – Rotary-Distributor Type
Fuel System Control – Mechanical
Fuel Injection to combustion chamber – Direct
Exhaust Pipe – Underhood std; vertical opt
Fan Drive Type – Belt
System Rating, Volts – 12
Alternator Rating, Amps – 40

John Deere 3038E/3038 Tractor

Description – Hydro – 2 Range
Transmission Type – Hydrostatic
Forward / Reverse Speeds – Infinite, 2 ranges
Maximum Speed Forward, mph (kph) – 13 (20.9)
Creeper Range – Yes, hydrostatic
Shuttle (Forward-Reverse) – Yes

John Deere 3038 Tractor PTO (Power
take off)

PTO Horsepower, hp (kW) – 30 (22.4)
PTO Speeds, rpm – 540
PTO operational Type – Independent


Drive Wheels – 4WD
Tractor Steering Configuration – Front Steer

Rear Axle

Final Drive – Spur gear
Axle Output End – Flange
Axle Bar Diameter, in (mm) – No bar axle

Tractor Brakes

Brake Type – Wet Disk

John Deere 3038E Tractor Hydraulic

Hydraulic System Type – Open Center
Main Hydraulic Pump Type – Dual Gear
Standard Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm) – 9.3 (35.2)
Standard Remote Valves – 2

3-Point Hitch Features

3-Point Hitch Category – Category 1
Draft Sensing or Lift Control – Position Control
Draft Link Ends Adjustable – Yes

3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity

Standard Lift Capacity 24 Inches behind pin, lb (kg) – 1,356 (615)


Drawbar Description – Optional Drawbar


Wheelbase, 4WD, in (mm) – 60 (1525)

Tire Size

Front Tire Size, 4WD – 7.00-14 4PR R1
Rear Tire Size – 11.2-24 4PR R1

JD 3038E/3038 Tractor Features

– LoadMatch – LoadMatch electronic power management system maximises
torque and virtually eliminates the possibility of stalling.

– Performance – Tracking System An exclusive digital Performance
Tracking System instantly tells you the status of the vital systems on
your tractor.

– Digital Speedometer A digital speedometer is perfect for precision
tasks like seeding.

– Direct-Injection – Direct-injection diesel engines are quick starting
offer deep reserves of torque for pulling heavy loads.

– Tilt Steering – John Deere 3038E Tractor Tilt steering wheel and seat
adjust for your comfort.

– Controls – Standard loader joystick stays close at hand and clear of
your knee.

– Standard 4WD – Digs in when doing loader work or rotary cutting over
challenging ground.

– 300 CX Loader – The 300 CX Loader lets you attach and detach in
minutes— with no tools.

– Folding ROPS – An EZ Fold ROPS ensures tractor fits easily in any

– Up to 5 SCV – Up to five independent selective control valves for a
wide variety of hydraulic implements.

JD 3038E Tractor Service

Changing Engine Oil and Filter:

– Run engine to warm the oil.

– Place drain pan under oil drain located on left side of engine.

– Remove drain plug.

– Wipe dirt from around oil filter.

– Turn filter counter-clockwise to remove.

– Put a light coat of clean engine oil on the gasket of new filter.

– Install replacement oil filter by turning filter clockwise until
gasket contacts filter base.

– Tighten additional one-half turn.

– Install drain plug. Do not overtighten.

– Remove oil fill cap.

– Add John Deere 3038E Tractor engine oil.

– Install oil fill cap.

– Start and run engine at idle to check for leaks.

– Stop engine. Fix any leaks before operating.

– Check engine oil level and add oil if necessary.

Servicing Air Filter Element:

– Allow engine to cool.

– Raise hood.

– Remove strap.

– Tilt canister up and release latches and remove air cleaner canister

– Remove and discard primary element.

– Clean out any dirt in canister, taking care not to damage the
secondary filter element.

– Replace with a new primary filter element.

– Install air cleaner canister cover with rubber dust unloading valve
pointing downward.

– Secure latches.

– Position canister back in place and install strap.

– Check instruction molded into canister cover for proper installation.

– Lower hood.

Changing Transmission Oil and Hydraulic
Suction Oil Filter:

– Drive JD 3038 Tractor tractor a few minutes to warm and mix
transmission oil.

– Position drain pan under transmission drain plug at rear cove.

– Suction filter assembly and spin-on pressure filter at left side of

– Remove plug and allow oil to drain.

– Remove suction filter and allow oil to drain.

– Remove and HST filter and allow oil to drain.

– Install transmission drain plug.

– Replace both filters.

– Remove fill cap.

– Add recommended oil into filler opening.

– Start engine. Check for oil leaks around filter bases and drain plugs.

– Stop engine.

– Check transmission oil level.

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