John Deere 1023E Tractor Specs Overview

John Deere 1023E Tractor Engine

Engine Model – Yanmar 3TNM72
Engine Power, Rated, hp (kW) – 22.4 (16.5)
Engine Speed, rpm – 3200
Power Boost, hp (kW) – No boost
Fuel Tank, gal (L) – 5.6 (21.2)
Cylinders – 3
Displacement, cu in (L) – 55.1 (0.903)
Engine Bore, in (mm) – 2.83 (72)
Engine Stroke, in (mm) – 2.91 (74)
Block Design, Replaceable Liners – Cast-in-block
Aspiration, Turbocharged or Naturally Aspirated – Natural

Fuel System

Fuel System Description – In-Line Pump System
Fuel System Control – Mechanical
Fuel Injection to combustion chamber – Indirect

Emission and Exhaust Treatment

Emission Level – Tier 4 Interim
Exhaust Pipe – Horizontal

Cooling System

Fan Drive Type – Belt

Tractor Electrical System

System Rating, Volts – 12
Alternator Rating, Amps – 40

John Deere 1023E Tractor Transmission

Description – Hydrostatic, 2 range
Transmission Type – Hydrostatic
Forward / Reverse Speeds – Infinite, 2 ranges
Maximum Speed Forward, mph (kph) – 9.1 (14.6)
Creeper Range – Yes, hydrostatic
Shuttle (Forward-Reverse) – Yes

John Deere 1023E Tractor PTO (Power
take off)

PTO Horsepower, hp (kW) – 15.3 (11.4)
PTO Speeds, rpm – 540 Rear; 2100 Mid
PTO operational Type – Independent


Drive Wheels – 4WD
Tractor Steering Configuration – Front Steer

JD 1023E Tractor Rear Axle

Final Drive – Spur Gear
Axle Output End – Flange
Axle Bar Diameter, in (mm) – No bar axle


Brake Type – Wet disk

John Deere 1023E Tractor Hydraulic

Hydraulic System Type – Open center
Main Hydraulic Pump Type – Gear
Standard Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm) – 3.5 (13.2)
Standard Remote Valves – 2

3-Point Hitch Features

3-Point Hitch Category – Limited Category 1

Draft Sensing or Lift Control – Position Control

3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity

Standard Lift Capacity 24 Inches behind pin, lb (kg) – 681 (309)


Drawbar Description – Fixed hitch plate


Wheelbase, 4WD, in (mm) – 57.1 (1450)

Tire Size

Front Tire Size, 4WD – 18×8.5-10, 4PR, R4
Rear Tire Size – 26×12-12, 4PR, R4

Easy operation four-wheel drive (4WD) and power steering.

Both 4WD and power steering are standard equipment on tractor. This
combination allows for excellent maneuverability and ease of operation
of the tractor.

Narrow overall width allows the JD 1023E Tractor to work in
tight areas where most compact tractors just can’t fit, yet the 144.8 cm
(57-in.) wheel base and 119.4 cm (47-in.) overall width gives great
stability for all type of terrains.

Power steering means fewer turns of the steering wheel than manual
steering; especially valuable when mowing around obstacles or when the
tractor is used with a front loader.

High horsepower-to-weight ratio makes the John Deere 1023E Tractor a
good choice for a variety of tasks; overall tractor weight reduces
ground compaction and makes your machine an excellent mowing tractor.

The power take-off (PTO) is a fully-independent PTO on tractor, allowing
engaging and disengaging of the PTO without stopping movement. This is
important when driving across obstacles such as driveways while mowing.

Hydrostatic transmission (HST) John
Deere 1023E Tractor with Twin Touch foot controls

Two sets of right-hand couplers can operate two hydraulic functions
(such as loader bucket cylinders and boom cylinders).

The right-hand-side mid-mounted couplers are positioned to allow easy
access for hooking and unhooking hydraulic lines.

Large 0.64 cm (1/4-in.) diameter couplers are used to maximize oil flow
to implements.

Hydraulics have excellent feather ability for smooth operation.

Float position. Regenerative position

PTO operation configuration: Engine, Engine clutch, Transmission, Wheel,
PTO clutch, PTO selection, Rear PTO, Mid PTO

JD 1023E Tractor Service

Changing Front Axle Oil

– Operate machine to warm front axle oil.

– Position drain pan under differential drain plug.

– For draining purposes, front axle contains approximately 2.8 L (3.0
qt) of oil.

– Remove differential drain plug and allow oil to drain.

– Position drain pan under each front axle drain plug.

– Remove both drain plugs and allow oil to drain.

– Install and tighten both drain plugs after all oil has drained.

– Remove dipstick located on right side of front axle and vent plug.

– Add approximately 2.8 L (3.0 qt) of recommended oil through dipstick
fill opening until oil level is correct.

– Install and tighten dipstick.

Checking John Deere 1023E Tractor
Transmission Oil Level

– Allow machine to cool down for at least one hour.

– Pull to remove dipstick, located at the right side of the
transmission. Wipe with a clean cloth.

– Install dipstick.

– Remove dipstick.

– Check oil level on dipstick. Oil level should be between levels on

– Do not overfill transmission. Oil expands during operation and could

– If oil level is low: Remove filler cap.

– If oil is above top mark on the dipstick, drain to proper level.

– Install dipstick.

– Install and tighten filler cap.

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